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Clean Tech Lighting and Power is a California based company specializing in energy efficient lighting for industrial and commercial applications. We also have a strong focus on rebates and other incentives. Many of our customers literally pay nothing, and are able to save hundreds or thousands of dollars a month; this allows them to start seeing energy savings and financial savings from day one. Our company handles filling out and navigating the paperwork and bureaucracy of rebates so you don’t have to. We also wait for the rebate so you do not spend or tie up your working capital, or put anything at risk.

Clean Tech Lighting and Power operates in PG&E territories. Of course all of our work is done by professional insured and bonded contractors. For lighting installation you can of course use your own contractor if you prefer and just take advantage of our great pricing and customer service.

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We offer a wide selection of lighting options and can meet just about any lighting needs. We specialize in helping companies save money on their lighting bill. We are always willing to take a look at your current situation and let you know where your biggest savings could be and how much they are, this is of course always free. So contact us today and find out how much money you could be saving.